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They are so incredible and always help out in every way possible. They go above and beyond.I wouldn’t take my vehicle anywhere else! You will not be disappointed with their quality of service.

Lesley J.

Rattles under a car are notoriously difficult to locate and mine was getting worse. A friendly mechanic listened and found a factory tach-weld,on heat shield which covered the exhaust pipe near the engine , was cracked . He tack welded the heat shield and that was it. Total time 10-mins at a very reasonable fee.
Darnell L.

I love Space Coast Auto I have done business with them since they opened. The owner Larry Fry is experienced ,hard working and honest.I have an 86 Toyota MR-2 that I have lovingly maintained myself-but there are times when you need a professionals help. Space Coast Auto has never let me down.
Philip S.

You guys are great. You guys are the only people I want working on my car. Your service is outstanding and by far the easiest on the wallet. Thank you yet again for your superior service.
Charles G.

I had a friend refer me to Space Coast and now they do all of our work.Always honest ,a good price and always treat me/us right.Even did some trouble shooting a couple of weeks back and didn’t charge me for it. Good people. Haven’t had a trusted repair shop in many years.

I am always “comforted” while boarding a plane to see some of the crew with a few strands of gray in their hair. Sounds like experience, no?
There is a similar thing going on with auto mechanics, I’ll speak on wheel alignments in this instance. I know quite a bit about cars, but when it comes to wheel alignments, I know enough to leave the job to an experienced pro.

Space Coast Auto has alignment pro(s). They are also very capable of other heavy duty tasks. For example, they set up the gears in my 72 Cuda and replaced the rear end bearings in my Mustang(my fault,a long story.

They are honest and capable, and punctual.

Chris C.

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